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3D modeling (3D/2D PRODUCTION)

ADVIN Studio is an expert in creating 3D models, animated and 3D videos, as well as computer animation with visual effects. This can be used to integrate into AR/VR projects. Also, these technologies are used to create advertising, entertainment, educational and image videos with characters in 2D or 3D format, presentations, video games, experimental films.

We create:

  • Cartoon 2d graphics

Animated 2D graphics is an effective technology that is used to create promotional, educational or entertaining cartoons with characters and graphics in 2D. A flat two-dimensional picture performed by ADVIN studio specialists looks stylish, dynamic and impressive. It is also possible to create 2D videos with volumetric 3D models.

Capacious, interesting and informative cartoon graphics are an excellent tool to attract the attention of potential customers, tell the history of the company, and show the benefits of a new product.

In the ADVIN studio, you can order the creation of 2D animation in the format of a series, short story, promo, screensaver.

  • 3D-infographics

Motion infographics is one of the newest trends in video and motion design. It is used to create:

– video product reviews;
– presentations of companies or products;
– educational videos;
– commercial advertising, etc.

Infographics are concise, clear and informative. Creating 3D models and implementing them into infographics will bring the picture to life. Three-dimensional objects are convenient to use if you need to demonstrate some kind of process in motion in a presentation.

  • Motion video

Videos using motion graphics are a modern trend in creating video products for television and the Internet.

Motion graphics are computer animation, or “animated” graphic elements. You can “animate” a text, a picture, or any abstract object.

To create a motion video, three channels of data broadcasting are used:

– image;
– sound;
– text.

Visual design of information using motion graphics allows you to convey complex ideas to the viewer as clearly, concisely and stylishly as possible.

  • Doodle animations

Two-dimensional doodle animation is considered today one of the most popular for creating commercials. They are also used for branding, training, consulting, entertainment.

To create a 2D video using doodle animation, the artist draws each frame with a pencil.

At the request of the client, the video can be black and white or color. The duration of the video is from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

  • 3D video (VFX)

3D videos with VFX are clips that combine what was shot on a video camera with 3D models and special effects created on a computer. As a rule, this technical solution is used to create a video that is impossible or too difficult to shoot live.

Three-dimensional objects can be both fictional characters and those that do not yet exist (for example, future construction projects or landscape design).

To create a 3D video with augmented reality, the following types of work can be carried out:

– 3d modeling;
– creation of special effects;
– animation along with footage.

  • Image content

Image content – beautiful videos using 3D / 2D animation, which practically do not carry any information for potential buyers. Such videos are more of an entertaining nature, and work to create and maintain the company’s image. Their task is to demonstrate the status of the company, its progressiveness and superiority over competitors.

The duration of such videos is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Image content is prepared for company presentations, participation in industry events, concerts and exhibitions of contemporary art.

1. Training. Includes study of the customer’s business, analysis of the target audience, preparation of technical specifications.
2. Concept development, scenario preparation, preliminary frame-by-frame visualization.
3. Script writing, video approval.
4. Storyboarding is the creation by the designer of a series of drawings with the drawing of characters and other objects.
5. Shooting video, animation, creating 2D or 3D models.
6. Voiceover work. For this, professional speakers are involved.
7. Video editing, adding a splash screen, titles, music, voice acting.
8. Demonstration of the video to the customer, making edits.

Animated 2D and 3D videos are a guaranteed WOW effect and goosebumps. Bright and memorable, they leave no one indifferent. ADVIN Studio offers customers turnkey 3D/2D production – from the development of a creative idea to technical implementation. We work according to the client task, in compliance with the agreed deadlines.

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